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About TMS

School starts at 7:45 each day. Students are dismissed at 3:15. Buses leave at approximately 3:20 p.m.

Lunch Schedule
Lunch hour starts at 10:57 a.m.. It ends at 11:25 p.m. Our school district requires a closed campus at middle school. All students will eat lunches at school and are not allowed to leave the school grounds. Hot lunches will be served in the cafeteria. Students may go outside after eating lunch.

Free and/or Reduced Lunch
The Turner School District free/reduced lunch application blanks are available at the office.

Replacement IDs AND Lanyards
Students will be provided one ID and lanyard at the start of the school year. A replacement fee for lost or damaged IDs ($5.00).

Telephone Number
The telephone number for Turner Middle School is 364-6367. This will connect you with the main office.