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Tardy Intervention

Turner Middle School Tardy Intervention (implemented January 20, 2015)


Students who are tardy to their first hour class will be assigned a lunch detention to be served the following school day. Parents or guardians may excuse students’ being tardy to first hour up to three (3) times per semester by submitting a written note to the middle school office prior to first hour (7:45 AM) on the day of the assigned lunch detention. These do not count against the ability of a parent or guardian to excuse an absence in accordance with attendance policy (School Board Policy 431-Rule) for illness, doctor appointment, etc.


If a student does not have an excused parent slip in by first hour of the day they are assigned they will be expected to serve a lunch detention. Any student who does not serve the lunch detention will be re-issued one (1) lunch detention to be served the next school day. Any failure to serve that lunch detention will result in a Wednesday detention. Students must report to the lunch detention room (room 12) with their lunch by 11:10 (which is 13 minutes after dismissal from class). Students will be dismissed from the lunch detention at 11:25 AM (4 minutes before their next class). Students should be using the Styrofoam trays from the lunch room. Parents will be notified by the middle school office and students will be given a notice of the detention.