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Mission Statement

Mission Statement
By working together to continuously improve our school system our students will achieve or exceed defined exit outcomes.

Belief Statementtitan
All practices and policies of an organization stem from beliefs. The following beliefs about students, learning, and our school system form a philosophical foundation for educational practices in our school district.

  • All students can be successful learners.
  • Success leads to more success.
  • District staff control the conditions of success.
  • People work hard to do their best.
  • Professional growth promotes educational excellence.
  • Schools need to be responsive to change.
  • Schools need to foster an understanding and respect for diversity.
  • Schools need to be responsive to the needs of students, parents, the community, and the staff.
  • Schools need to promote cooperation and collaboration among staff, students, parents, and community members.
  • Schools need to prepare students to meet the challenges of the future.

Vision Statement
Success for all students through continuous quality improvement

Exit Outcomes
The learner will acquire a substantial knowledge base.
The learner will utilize critical thinking skills.
The learner will demonstrate behaviors of a responsible member of society.
The learner will work productively both independently and as a team member.
The learner will investigate issues and relationships that exist due to commonalties and diversities within our universe.
The learner will create and evaluate works which reflect originality as well as the artistic contributions of others.
The learner will communicate effectively.
The learner will demonstrate effective and responsible use of technology.
The learner will exhibit behaviors that reflect a health lifestyle.